About Us

About Us

Pratik’s fell in love with Graphic when he was a child. After completing his studies in 2008, he spent six months as computer teacher and then Doing Job as graphic & web Designer . While most of his assignments are Bay Area based, Pratik’s had Design weddings album all around the country and periodically being invited to photograph weddings worldwide. Pratik’s experience and artistic vision makes him the ideal photographer for your special day. interpreting and arresting the flow of feelings and emotions is the most creative and rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

Heralding a new era in the photo printing industry– Virtual Pics is a trendsetting venture in crafting premium photo books and wedding albums that will hold treasured memories forever. What makes Virtual Pics stand out from its competitors and make it an industry leader is the attention to the detail and the unique approach that combines innovation, style and impeccable quality.

Premium Albums and Photobooks

We are committed to creating best in class wedding photo books and albums that are bespoke and crafted with finest materials, advanced printing technology and flawless finishing.

Superior Binding Technology

Virtual Pics Photobooks are made to stand the test of time by using advanced binding techniques that provide exceptional durability. We take great pride in being the only brand to provide binding up to 200 pages.

High Quality Printing

Enhanced by most advanced digital printing technologies, Virtual Pics are benchmark for the entire wedding photography industry with its exceptionally high resolution, uniform gloss and super sharp images.

Varied Choice

Choose among beautiful paper options and varieties of lamination, cover designs and color options, each photobook is created with precision and attention to detail.

Question And Answer

If your pictures are already in digital format on your computer, simply send them. Otherwise, scan your original photos with the resolution of at least 300dpi to 600 dpi JPEG or TIFF format with minimum compression.If you don’t have a scanner yourself then simply ask a friend or take it to any photo shop in town and ask for a scanned copy at 300 dpi (dots per inch). It’s cheaper, quicker and safer and you will always have a computerized copy that can’t be damaged . For best results, it is recommended to scan pictures on professional equipment, at any digital photo lab. After your image has a digital form e-mail it to us.
If you are interested in sending and receiving large quantity of large files, you can use a free, no registration file transfer service like Filetac.com which is a very good service that provides online free deliver file-tools. Thus you can send Large Files up to 2 GB. SendSpace.com (1 photo at a time) or TransferBigFiles.com (up to 5 photos per batch)- are good services too. You do not need to give them your email address...these are free ad-supported services. Don't forget to send us the link where you upload your files. After we recieve your photos we will then examine the photo and then categorize it under retouch up, manipulation or restoration services. After we examine the photograph, we will get back to you with our estimate. No payment in advance! You review and accept the cost estimate. Only after you say the quote is "OK", our team starts the work. We will contact you in 1 to 3 business days or sooner, and send you a watermarked version of your digital image. You will be able to see and evaluate the changes yourself and approve the quality of our work. Most customers are fully satisfied with this first result. However, if you decide that your image needs further correction,or there are some changes that need to be worked upon or you choose to use additional services, tell us and we will send you another watermarked version. The correction you require are free. FREE! Untill this step, you don't have to pay anything! You pay us only if you are satysfied with results . Once you approve the sample, and have done the payment via paypal or webmoney we will email the high resolution, fully restored photo(s) to you.
The answer to that really depends on the extent of the damage to your photographs Photos that have minimal damage to them, or that don’t require extensive restoration may be back to you within one day If the photo needs a lot of detailed repair, the procedure will take quite a bit longer. It usually takes about 1-3 days, again, depending on the damage or the type of work done on it. Please send us an e-mail for an estimate.
For now we accept Online Payment like: Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay ,PayPal or webmoney .
Yes. We have expertise in commercial photo restoration and manipulation.
Yes. We restore stained and molded photos.
All our photos are stored for a period of six months and we will resend free of charge up to that period.
Yes as the sample we send prior to you paying is your guarantee. Once you have received your sample and decide to pay then there will be no refund, as the photo you will receive after payment will be exactly the same as your sample minus the watermark.
Yes. But after enlarging we may have to carry out some editing and enhancement to avoid losing too much detail. Providing you scan your photos at a high resolution (300 dpi or more) then your photo should be okay. On very small photos we may recommend ghosting the image, therefore the detail is not that important but the overall effect can look quite natural.
Yes. If the picture, when displayed, is too large to fit on the screen and you want to make a version of the picture that might fit in a smaller area on the screen then we can optimize your image for web.
Maybe it sound complicated, but everything normally flows smoothly and quickly. If you have other question, please email us at info@virtualpics.in